All that I'm grateful for...

They say that once you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life, and though it one of the most cliche'd phrases out there, almost cringeworthily so, that's exactly what I've found. I know most of us sex workers continously talk about why it is you should spend your hard earned cash spending a little time in our company, and why you'll be happy you did, yet we seem to forget to tell you exactly why we adore the time with you too.

And so, I have compiled a little list...

1. The sex. For anyone else out there reading this, that has an insatiable sexual appetite, quite like myself, this one really doesn't even need to be said, but it's certainly number 1.

2. Variety. And I mean variety in every way, from the people, to how each date is spent, what happens between the sheets, to the conversations shared. Every single day offers a new aspect of variety that you'd be hard pressed to find in most careers.

3. I make people happy. The reasons people need, or desire my company are as varied as the positions we could get up to in that time, though the common thread is, people are in a better mood after spending time with me, and how can anyone be in that position and deeply appreciate the joy created?

4. I release stress and tension. We live in a fast paced world, the fact that I get to be an escape for people is a joy I will never tire of.

5. I get to see people's true selves. People have no need to hide who they are and can relax into sharing their fantasies and being themselves with no judgement, and it is refreshing to be with people who aren't pretending to be someone they aren't.

6. Connection. I build some amazing connections and friendships with the most genuine and incredible people. It's not a typical friendship, and that's what makes it so incredible. Our relationship is hassle free and free of judgement. Each time I meet with a repeat client I am genuinely excited to catch up with them , to find out how they are, what has changed since we last had the pleasure of meeting, I care about each and every one of my clients and love to hear how their lives are going, and know I add that little extra spice to it.

7. Excitement. Aside from the excitement of catching up with regular clients, the excitement of waiting to open the door and find out who I will be meeting on any given day can't be replicated anywhere else. It's like a blind date in some respects, except I already know I'm going to have a great time. I know each of my clients will be respectful and I know the date will end in sex, I just have no idea who the person will be, and I'll never tire of the challenge of getting to know each person and knowing what makes them tick.

8. The food. I would be 100% lying if I didn't admit that I'm not grateful for the places I dine, the cocktails and wine I drink, the shows I get to enjoy with amazing men (and women). It's most certainly an absolute pleasure to have stimulating conversations and be lost in the company of my clients, getting to flirt with each other before escaping to a private room for a little (or a lot) or bedroom action.

9. The hotels. It's almost as though I'm permentantly on holiday, being able to indulge in hotels baths and room service so frequently, all with a fine gentleman. What more could a lady ask for?

10. I know I provide pleasure. And that alone fills me with immense pride and pleasure.

11. I also get to play with my gorgeous girlfriends all the time and I swear, if that's not the best thing in the world, I really don't know what is.

So, thank you. Thank you for providing me with the most fulfilling career and life that anyone could ask for. Without my incredible clients, my life would look very different, and I don't believe that we give our clients that gratitude they deserve.Though we provide something amazing for you, what you give me in return is more that a way to pay my rent, you provide me with some much satisfaction and pure enjoyment, and I adore every single one of you. Again, thank you.


Lana Jade xx

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