Daydreaming of you.

I wonder about you. I sit here pondering if we will meet in good time, will I be the one that catches your attention as you scroll through each page? Losing yourself, time is passing you by, as you are overcome by thousands of beautiful choices, stunning women with their own individual desirable traits, ready to show their own versions of ecstasy.

Will your mouse hover over my photos? I muse, smiling to myself a little as I consider it. Your eyes tracing each of my feminine curves, as you think of how my skin might feel under your fingers. It’s very soft, my skin will feel like silk as you roam my body, you’ll wonder just how it feels so good, so natural to explore me, just so you know.

My pulse begins to quicken while I’m thinking of you, lustfully admiring my photos, the ones I curated just to enhance your pleasure, to bring a little heat to your day, to stroke your carnal urges, see, I want you to be deep in our erotic experience from the very beginning. We don’t have to have met for me to be teasing you. I want you to be thinking of me, just like I’m thinking of you.

I want nothing more than to be that indulgent addition to your day, that sensual moment, from the minute you spy me as you scroll through your options, seeing the flicker of devilish desire in my eyes. You know that I’m already thinking of how I can charm you, seduce you, to have you feeling like there’s not a thing more important than your pleasure, in connecting with you, showing you that my intimate and intuitive touch is exactly what has been missing in your play.

I want to be your indulgent escape, the respite you need in a busy world, I want your senses to be pulsating with infatuation, with a thirst you are beginning to know I can quench, and I aim to please in a sense before we even meet. ‘How?’ you ask. Anticipation. Anticipation builds desire and sometimes that excitement is what we need in our day. A secret craving that begins to intrude on your thoughts as you begin to wonder how I will touch you, how good my body will look when I’m standing there in the flesh.

You’re already on my mind, I’m obsessing over how best I can show you the satisfaction you deserve. I’m thinking about you and how I will touch you, how my body will feel against yours, how your breath will get heavier the more I excite you. How long will you last? I wonder, thinking of how I’ll tease you over and over, extending the pleasure, playfully teasing you about how close you came to exploding.

I’m thinking of you….

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