It's about the money right?

“Mmmm it’s about the money though isn’t it, like really? That’s why you do it?” she posed accusingly

“Hahah” I laugh softly to myself, my head bowing forward naturally, almost a reflex of the frustration this line of questioning invokes, as I attempt to compose my thoughts to articulate the words I’ve argued a thousand times.

I cock my head to the side, smiling, mostly to myself but I suppose to her for allowing me another chance to explain exactly what it is I love about what I do.

“Do you go to work for the money?” I ask first. She shrugged at me, knowing that of course she does,

“Do you enjoy sitting at your desk all day? Does it fill you with satisfaction, so much that you look forward to being there again tomorrow?” I ask her in sincerity.

She scoffs at me. “Of course not. It’s work, I’d obviously rather be home”

“Ahh” I say laughing “ That’s the difference though. Sure, I work for the money, like every other person, being alive has this way of costing something, and as society has it, we need to find a way to be here. That’s life…”

I pause, wondering if she was regretting asking me a question she only posed to attempt to make me feel insecure about my career choice.

I continue, already well positioned at my mental podium to continue lecturing on something I should never really need to justify. “But the difference is, not only do I receive money from what I do, I get such an incredible sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Not only do I get to live authenctically and aligned with my sexuality, I get to use this to increase others sense of satisfaction in their lives.”

She looked taken aback that I had the audacity to enjoy my career by this point so I figured I’d continue.

“Every single day is different. Every single client is different. Every single person has different needs, a different story, a different reason for being there, and really while my job is sexual, my whole role is to make that person feel better in some way or some sense.”

“Some of these people simply need a release, they need to rid their bodies of the sexual tension to concentrate better. Some people are lacking in intimacy in their every day lives, we need intimacy. Every single one of us craves it and it enhances our lives and our well being. Some don’t have time or the desire of a relationship or the complications around it, so seeing me fills their desire for companionship and sex. They get the best parts of the relationship without the strings. Some people have fantasies they want to explore and because society has done such a fabukous of job of surrounding sexuality with levels of shame, they aren’t comfortable telling or exploring these with people in their life. I offer them a judgement free space where they get to be completely themselves. And that my friend is incredibly liberating experience, for both of us.”

“I get to build connections with people in ways others never will, they get to be free and they get to be themselves, they have nothing to prove, and they get to enjoy their sexuality and desires in all their individual glory, and I can’t think of anything more beautiful then that”

“And even if someone is after sex and sex only, I still got to be some sort of highlight for that person that day, I make people feel good, I get to make people feel desired. I know that I help build confidence in clients. I genuinely care for them, and I love getting to catch up with lovers I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a fabulous and fun friendship built on flirting and sex, and getting to know what makes them tick. My job is the gift that keeps giving, especially when couples are involved! Being able to assist a couple in exploring their desire to add someone new into the mix is such an honour. The connection and energy of a couple and being involved is an experience that is so sensual and intense.”

“So sure, I work for the money, like you, but I make my money in this particular way because I gain so much more than money from my time with clients, and I know they gain so much from me too…”

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