Surprise... (an erotic story-fiction)

I paced in anticipation as I waited for him to arrive. How would he respond to my surprise I wondered, he’d asked me to never to do it but I so badly desired the touch of a woman. I was hungry to feel her lips explore my skin.

I shook my head, I was getting lost in the fantasy I was hoping would play out now. That’s the trouble with fantasies though, they are so perfect in your head, the allure of the seemingly impossible makes it sexy, and the ending is always exactly how you want.

I was nervous he’d perhaps be mad, or that I’d ruin my favourite private illusion. Such a dicey game to play.

I smiled at her and my fears melted away, it was worth the risk. I knew he’d love her, and I wanted to share him with her. I wanted to look him in the eyes while she pleased him, I wanted to kiss her as she rode him, I wanted to taste her on his lips.

I heard the door knob turn and I hurried to meet him as he walked in, I grabbed him and kissed him passionately, before he could notice she was sitting there, poised, oozing sensuality in her barely there lingerie. She looked like a goddess.

His head snapped around to look at her as he caught her in his peripheral vision.

“What’s going on?” He looked like he was going to get mad.

I kissed him again. “Shhhh”

I grabbed his hand and walked him toward her, she came striding over, her hips swaying in a sesnual, hypnotizing fashion, before pulling him close, and kissing him deeply. He resisted, pulling away to look at me, a moment of confusion, though I could see his body finding it hard to resist her charm. She wasn’t taking that though, he was hers.

“No” she said kissing him again.

I started kissing his neck softly, and tracing my fingers along his back, taking in the erotic moment through all my senses. I could feel him relax with my touch, he was surrendering.

I took over, kissing his lips passionately again. I began to stroke his cock and could feel that despite his initial hesitation, he was certainly warming quickly to the idea, he was growing incredibly hard with the attention of two highly sexual women.

I sat him down on the couch, and straddled one knee while instructing her to do the same, we took it in turns to lock lips with him, while rubbing his now free cock with our hands, feeling him throb with excitement.

We traced our lips down his body, kissing, licking and sucking our way down before kissing one and another intensely. We moved our mouths to his throbbing dick. We slowly began to each take him in our mouth, teasing and playing, licking and kissing every inch of his cock. Moving our mouths rhythmically up and down him.

I moved my complete attention to her, I wanted to explore her too. Her bust was jiggling up and down as she sucked his cock, I was mesmerised. I undid her bra so I could enjoy them completely. I kissed them, sucked, squeezed. The felt incredible, so soft and full.

I asked him to lie on the bed so she could envelope his cock with her boobs, moving up and down, while a sat on his face to watch.

The instant touch of his tongue sent an electric shock through me, I was so turned on, I was ready to come but I didn’t want to waste the moment, but I didn’t want to stop. I loved his tongue and mouth on my pussy, I was so wet with the way he worked my clit.

I asked her to hop on hi dick so I could watch her fuck her while he eats me, and while she can play with my tits. I was in absolute ecstasy.

I could hear him moan in pleasure, I knew he was having trouble controlling himself. I moved my hips back and forwards against his mouth, I was shaking with pleasure, I was dripping in it.

I jumped off, I knew he wouldn’t be able to wait much more and I wanted his explosion all to myself. I grabbed her, kissing her again, groping her everywhere I could and laying her on the bed, I crawled up to her and buried my tongue in her, I could taste how sweet she was and could feel her excitement. She was dripping and I loved it.

I put my ass in the air ready for him to pound me hard from behind as I licked her beautiful pussy, sucking her clit both hungrily and gently.

His hard, pounding cock was entering me fast and strong, oh my god, it was intense, I was getting wetter and wetter with him filling my tight pussy with him, and having such a perfect view in front of me. I grabbed her legs, pulling her closer licking her faster as I was getting ready to come.

He was close, his pace quickens, oh I couldn’t take it anymore! I screamed out in absolute ecstasy, endorphins were running through my veins, I was shaking. I could feel him explode in me and just at that moment I could feel her shudder and moan in orgasm too.

We collapsed together in pure contentment, covered in each other, laying blissfully on the bed

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