What’s my favourite sexual position....

Over the years there’s a few questions that get asked repeatedly, so much so you can anticipate exactly the reaction to your answer. One question men are seemingly dying to know the answer to is: what’s my favourite sexual position?

Much to the disappointment of all the men that have asked, I simply don’t have one. And I’m not exactly sorry about it either, even though I can see the disappointment flood their faces.

I think it’s doing us both a huge disservice to assume that there’s a stock standard way to grind our bodies together that’s going to take us both to that esteemed place of ecstasy every single time. That’s not how I like it to work, I want each session to be filled with more than tired old movements, I want to figure you out, and I want you be adventurous with my body.

I don’t treat dates, intimacy or sex like a routine, moving from one motion to the next, assuming it will feel good for him because that’s what a past lover liked, no, I like to connect with my lovers, feel how our bodies intertwine, adjust my movements and position specifically for the one I’m with. We are going to have a new and exciting dynamic, why ruin that thrill with predicting the way it should go?

Every single body is shaped differently, each person moves to a different rhythm, getting in sync with that individual and jointly discovering what they like and how they can please me is where half the fun lies. Why jump straight to doggy style when the exploration is where the pleasure lies, let’s work out what is going to get us off, what will have me moaning heavily, and getting me pleading you to fuck me more?

The debaucherous fun to be had in discovering how you can make me scream, is far more erotic than me telling you I prefer it one way or another. I love it when my lovers are up to the challenge, and don’t need the detailed instructions handed to them before we begin, I’m sure you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve that’s will have my legs shaking....

And I can’t wait to share that experience with you....

Love Lana xx

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