My ideal date is one where my passion for good food, good wine, and stimulating converstaion are met with good company and amazing sex.

I genuinely aims to build a connection with all of my lovers, flirting and teasing over a delectable meal, is one of my favourite ways to do so. I stronlgy believe in the art of seduction, and love to engage in tempting and creating a situation where my company is on the edge of his seat in anticipation by the time they are alone, knowing that the delicious dessert to follow is more mouth watering than what any restaurant menu has to offer.

I prefer an unrushed appointment to ensure the maximum time to please and pleasure ensuring an unforgettable experience. Sex and intimacy is best done at it's own pace, and having nothing to concern us but each others pleasure is the ideal date.

I am not only beautiful, but also educated with an inquistitve mind. I'm passionate about art, fashion and people, and adore the opportunity to meet and indulge her clients in entertaining conversation. 

While I'm seated across from you, you'll be the envy of all, my long blonde hair, pulse racing curves and piercing blue eyes, capturing the attention of men and women alike, though my focus will solely be on you and ensuring your able to take the opportunity to forget the stresses of the day and be immersed in the company of an enticing and sultry woman.


4hr dinner date- $1800

6hr Dinner date- $2400