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Be My Valentine...

To celebrate the lustful month of Valentines Day, I have some new and exciting packages that are available to both men, ladies and couples-because is there really a better gift to give then a third to play with?

A Sweet Escape

-1.5hr flirtatous time to drink or dine, get to know tease one another
-1.5hr play
-Fine champagne/wine
-Hot and sexy bubble bath for two....or three
-Dessert...actual dessert, though I may be all the sweetness you need...


Lose yourself with Lana

-2.5hr flirtatous time spent dining/drinks
-2.5hr play-intimate, sensual, raunchy... however you like it
-Fine champagne/wine
-Hot and sex bubble bath for two or three
-And dessert, for those that need the extra sweetness



Waste away the day with me...

-8hrs of both stimulating companionship and seriously hot play

-Fine/Wine Chanpagne

-Wet and enticing bubble bath wrapped around me

-Slippery, oily massages

-Some short videos and photos 



Rock me all night long, baby!

-12hrs of hot and steamy companionship, alternating between relaxing/dining and play

-Fine champagne/wine

-Hot, wet and slippery bubble bath

-as many sensual massages as you possibly need

-You are welcome to take some videos and photos 

-Waking up to my fresh face ready to please you once more




All packages are available to couples at the above rate, no extra cost needed, I'd love to be the spice to your romance!

These packages are available at any time during the year if booked and deposit paid before Feb 24th**

I look forward to getting to know you very well, very soon!

Lana xxx


**Within Australia. Travel cost is an extra if not in Sydney